Staying Safe, Staying Supported



In Victoria, BC, both birth partner and doula can now attend hospital births.  


The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted my practice as a doula, but I am confident that t can still provide tremendous support without compromising safety.  As Doulas of Victoria explains here "what a doula does comes from the depth of her experience of birth, through her patient, reassuring voice. Her touch is invaluable, but so much of what she does can be transmitted virtually". There is so much that can be done virtually to ensure your birth goes as smoothly as possible. I can provide videos, education and resources, answer questions, provide support and guidance during early labour, suggest comfort measures during labour and advise on baby and mama-case after delivery. For more information on the how a doula can continue to play an important support role, even during COVID-19. please see Doulas of Victoria.

As of October 2020, birthing couples are able to have an additional support person in the hospital.  I am also able to coach, teach, and provide support virtually via phone, text and zoom. If in-person assistance is required, we can meet outdoors at a distance or I have full personal protective equipment. If we are working together in person, I ask that my clients also minimize exposure by taking the precautions encouraged by Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer. 
I will stay the whole time for a home birth, wearing a gown over my clothes and a mask.  Postpartum visits will be either in person or virtual. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, my practice may evolve.  If you have any questions please reach out via phone or email and we can discuss ways to ensure you are supported and we all remain safe.