GentleBirth is a comprehensive class, but you may wish to consider adding on the following: 

Savvy Birth for Parents Workshop from Evidence Based Birth®️ a great add on for couples in the GentleBirth Class!!!
Approximately one hour $35

Learning Objective covered in Savvy Birth Parent:
1. Define evidence-based care
2. Discuss the availability and pros/cons of local birth options
3. Practice respectful ways to talk with your provider
4. Discuss how partners, Doula’s, and nurses can work together to provide labour support
5. Describe the benefits and limitations of birth plans
6. Discuss the human and legal rights of birthing persons


One year access to the GentleBirth app $55
Includes the GentleBirth book “Your Positive Birth Begins Here“ and the GentleBirth workbook 
This is a necessity for clients who are taking the GentleBirth class (only I do the work for setting it up) but I  also strongly recommended this for those taking 
the Evidence Based Birth®️ Class
This is an amazing game changer for your birth and postpartum!!!


Expert advice from Janice to assist with making your birth plan 
Approximately two and a  half hours $93

• Private acupressure review session
Two and a half hours $93

• Learn how do use the Rebozo for comfort during labor and also some Rebozo moves to keep you comfortable in late pregnancy 
Approximately two hours $75

•Postpartum visit, we can talk about your birth and I can help with breastfeeding and any other difficulties you are facing!
Approximately two hours $75


Prefer your own schedule and private classes?      

Private Classes - $300 CAD

Your investment includes all of the items in the Basic Package, but you have Janice all to yourself.  Classes will be scheduled for the dates and times that work best for you. For private classes in my area, I will come to you for the comfort measures class and the baby care class. We will all wear masks and social distance.

Contact Janice at to discuss.