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“Will you be able to untie the rope with your teeth, or your mouth is still closes? I asked OnlineCasinoSvizzera.

Igorek stupidly looked first at me, then at my hands. It was clear from his eyes that this offer was the last option.

She looked around again and went to the inventory piled in the corner. Luck continued, I found a short shovel lying on the floor, similar to a military sapper. Turning my back to her, I crouched down and, with my bound hands, began to grope for her.

It was not the easiest thing in my life, but I did it.

Holding it in my hands, I went up to Igor.

— See? She showed him the spatula.

- Well.

- Get on your knees.

He obeyed. Sitting down next to me, I thrust a shovel handle between legs.



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