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Message from your Evidence Based Birth®  Instructor* 

With my first birth I thought I was so well prepared, I had read so much and carefully picked out my doctor. The birth was definitely not what I had planned.


I really counted on the doctor and nurses to be there for me and guide me through the process. I felt neither guided nor supported or heard. I ended up having a traumatic birth. It made my postpartum recovery very difficult and took me a long time to recover. After this first experience and recovery, I went on to have five amazing and positive births!

I know the outcome could’ve been different with proper support and more knowledge. Even today this experience is repeated and as an Evidence Based Birth®️ Instructor I have the pleasure to be your mentor and guide as you prepare for your birth. So even your first birth can be amazing!

Whatever kind of birth you get handed on the day I want you to feel prepared, confident and empowered. So you have the knowledge that you need to navigate the system, advocate for yourself, and have lots of tools in your tool kit for comfort.  You can do this!

Take the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class! 


  • Get mentored by your own Evidence Based Birth® Instructor! 

  • Learn about evidence based care, comfort measures, and advocacy 

  • Get prepared, get answers, get empowered! 

“This class is a total gamechanger for us. I’d heard negative stories…I was scared and very on edge. Then once we started taking the class, and when we learned about interventions that I was apprehensive about… It brought us together in that [my partner] understood birth more, and I understood it more. And as soon as I went into labour, we were on. We were a team.”  
“I really appreciated how informative it was. I knew a lot about the biology of birth and babies, but what we learned was just very impressive. It was a really good experience—fairly chill, fairly laid-back, and not nearly as stressful and awkward as I thought it might be. All the information—I never would’ve thought there was that much information out there!” 

All classes are 100% online and include: 

  • Skillful mentorship from Janice Miles, DONA certified doula and EBB Instructor 

  • A digital workbook

  • Five weeks of online videos for you and your partner to watch together 

  • Seven weeks of classes, online via zoom, discussing the videos with Janice and max 6 couples, to gain expert advice and guidance in a safe and fun environment! Earn points throughout the class to redeem for prizes!  


    • Acupressure content taught by a licensed clinical acupuncturist. -

    • Breastfeeding and newborn care videos 

    • Reunion after birth

    • Extra/bonus new born class               

First-time parents and experienced parents welcome!  Spots in each class are limited (6 couples per class), so do not wait to schedule. 

Have questions? Check out the FAQ or contact me.

Don’t pass up on this opportunity! Your birth experience is too valuable for you to avoid educating yourself beforehand.  Sadly, I’ve spoken with many parents who have major regrets about how they went into birth without preparation—and the health consequences they suffered as a result. Take action, get educated, and find the answers and mentorship you need today!  


*Evidence Based Birth® Instructors are independent contractors and distributors of the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class and are not employees of Evidence Based Birth®. You can find our terms and conditions for the class here  


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