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Birth Doula Services:
Specializing In Home Birth - $2,400

Free Consultation


I offer a free consultation to all potential clients. This way we can get to know if we are a good fit for each other!

Before The Birth 

After being hired...  

  • I get us on texting with each other.

  • I set you up with the  GentleBirth app for you and your partner.


  • *As well as set you up with the GentleBirth master class videos! We will use these in the GentleBirth class.


  • *I have a zoom session with mom and we make a chart, we also discuss diet and exercise.


  • I come over to your place and share a Rebozo massage for the two of you, it enhances heart connection and communication, as well as bonding with Baby. We also start your perfect birth mind movie.


  • By now you have your GentleBirth App and we take a spin around the App, it is so rich and wonderful, I don’t want you to leave anything out.


  • Then I share Gilligan’s guide with you, simple homework, to encourage Baby to be in the best position possible for birth!


  • I am available to you both 24/7 night and day.


  • I have you get in touch with me every time you see your provider or have a test, your choice text or phone!


  • The GentleBirth Class, Hypnobirthing + so much more! A fully comprehensive childbirth education class, it includes everything so you are prepared for anything!

  • 8 2hour sessions, usually once a week. Via Zoom or in person, let me know your preference!


  • I am always available for a walk or a kitchen chat whenever you would like.


  • I come to your house for two visits just before baby is born


  • *One to practice comfort measures.


  • The other to practice newborn, baby care.


  • This also includes the use of my tens machine(including pads), birth cub(birthing stool), birth sling(for upright birth), La Bassine birth tub(which includes liner, floating thermometer, debris net, 25 foot, food grade water hose)





The Birth 

  • I would like you to call when you even think something might be happening! That way, I am ready to come to you when you need me. 


  • Sometimes you might need me quickly!


  • Please feel comfortable waking me up at any time through the night!


  • Always phone at night or if you need me right away.


  • I stay with you for the whole birth. Most of my clients have home births, so I usually stay for 2 to 3 hours afterwards, as I do all the cleanup for you, this includes laundry, taking down the birth tub, etc.


  • So you are left with only the baby and happy memories 


  • In the event of a home birth transfer, I also stay with you and leave after you are tucked into mother/babe usually two hours after the birth of your baby.


  • I encourage you to call me with questions or worries any time after your birth, 24/7 night or day, just like before the birth.

After The Birth

  • Postpartum is the same thing as above with phoning me, 24/7 night or day!


  • I will see you for 3 to 5 visits after the birth. The visits will include a foot rub, breast feeding support, answering any questions or concerns, we talked about, how your transition to parenthood is going and how you are feeling physically!


  • If you are struggling with breast feeding, I will continue to see you.


  • I stay in touch for the whole fourth trimester and either phone or visit you each week to see how you’re doing. Depending on what you would like.


  • I have a bag of sitz bath herbs for your perineum.


  • I try to get breastfeeding cookies to you.


Please, let me know if you are struggling financially, I offer payment plans!

Birth Doula Services: 

Home Birth - $2,400

Hospital Birth - $2,400

Repeat Clients - Let's chat, I have a sweet price for you!




Each birth is unique - if these packages do not meet your needs, please contact me. 

Please let me know if you are struggling financially, I offer payment plans and we can find a solution!

Postpartum Doula Kicks In


  • At any time you can arrange for me to take on the full role of being a Postpartum Doula!


  • I give this to you for $5 dollars off the regular price per hour, so for $35 an hour instead of $40.


  • This gives you…


  • Me to nurture you and your whole family!


  • Foot rubs, Breastfeeding support, chatting to see how you’re doing.


  • Baby care


  • Sibling support,


  • Pet support


  • Tidying


  • Cooking, baking, preparing snacks, washing dishes,


  • Laundry, putting clothes to wash, towels, or bedding. Putting them in the washer.


  • Putting them in the dryer.


  • Folding and putting away.


  • All this, so you can nap, shower, have a moment alone, catch up on your emails, have some Mom and Dad time, etc.


  • For as long as your family needs, I’m not a jug of milk, I don’t expire!

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