GentleBirth with Janice Miles - Certified Instructor

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! We are going to have fun together! I am excited to be your GentleBirth Instructor. I am a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula and a childbirth educator. I am the owner of Heart Doula Services. I became a GentleBirth instructor because it puts together ALL the elements I wanted to offer in a childbirth class. From brain training, hypnosis and affirmations to physical comfort measures, this program offers everything you need in one curriculum. It’s not focused on having a “XYZ” type of birth. It’s focused on having the best experience possible, even if your plans change unexpectedly. I am committed to providing loving and caring support to all my GentleBirth families throughout their entire birth experience. I believe in the strength and power of women. With strong, positive support and clear, evidence-based information, most births will progress smoothly, happily and normally. I look forward to working together and making your “Birth”-day the best day of your life!


What you should expect from a GentleBirth Workshop:

  • Specific Birth Partner Role

  • Practical Tools for Labour

  • Ongoing support

  • Physiology of the normal birth process

  • Advanced comfort measures for birth

  • Active Birth techniques

  • Breathing techniques

  • Sports psychology techniques

  • What happens when you go to the hospital

  • Fear vs relaxation during birth

  • Mindfulness training

  • Self-hypnosis training

GentleBirth Classes are starting soon!  Contact me for details. 

                      Janice Miles
            Birth & Postpartum Doula
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