GentleBirth with Janice Miles - Certified Instructor

Congratulations on your upcoming birth! I am excited to be your GentleBirth Instructor. I am a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula and a childbirth educator. I am the owner of Heart Doula Services. I became a GentleBirth instructor because it puts together ALL the elements I wanted to offer in a childbirth class. From brain training, hypnosis and affirmations to physical comfort measures, this program offers everything you need in one curriculum. It’s not focused on having a “XYZ” type of birth. It’s focused on having the best experience possible, even if your plans change unexpectedly.


I am committed to providing loving and caring support to all my GentleBirth families throughout their entire birth experience. I believe in the strength and power of women. With strong, positive support and clear, evidence-based information, most births will progress smoothly, happily and normally. I look forward to working together and making your “Birth”-day the best day of your life!


What you should expect from a GentleBirth Workshop


This is a comprehensive complete childbirth class, offered in a very supportive small-group virtual classroom.  This will include videos, group discussion, and brain-training.  Together we will build a supportive community to learn about birth, babies.

​Learning includes: 

  • Birth hormones 

  • How baby rotates  through the pelvis

  • Physiology of the birth process

  • Advanced comfort measures for birth

  • Techniques for Active Birth, including breathing and techniques borrowed from sports psychology 

  • What happens when you go to the hospital

  • Fear vs relaxation during birth

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques

  • Mindfulness and self-hypnosis training

As a bonus, courses will also cover breastfeeding, acupressure and newborn care!  Throughout the course you will have full access course materials and Janice's expert knowledge.  Once all class-babies are born, we'll have a reunion to celebrate, discuss the births and answer questions about breastfeeding and newborn care.

Your investment includes: 

  • A seat in the virtual class for you and your birth partner, with guaranteed small classes (6 couples per class) so that you get the attention you deserve.

  • Mentoring from your birth instructor, Janice Miles.

  • Ongoing access to the online portion of the class, including GentleBirth App. 

  • 12 hours of class over seven weeks of classes, online via zoom, in a flipped classroom format for three classes with Janice and the group to gain expert advice and guidance in a safe and fun environment! 

  • Opportunities to practice mindfulness and hypnosis! Janice really dives into the brain training with you!

  • A dry run of your birth  so you feel super prepared and we finish up talking about your amazing new born 

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