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The Baby Moon!

Hi Janice here 😊

Lets talk about the fourth trimester. Or the baby moon! I love how that sounds. I think as women a lot of us find taking care of ourselves very challenging. We are so used to taking care of others and being on the go 24/7 that it is really hard to put the brakes on.

When we are pregnant there are a lot of physiological changes that take place not even mentioning the mental and emotional changes ( can you say mind blown!) it takes nine months to grow a baby it will take a minimum of nine months, some sources say a year for everything to go back to normal (or a new normal)

Then you give birth which are even more changes and some things very rapidly go back to normal such as extra fluid (12 hours) and other things take longer such as the size of your uterus (6weeks). As we all know we bleed for about 6 weeks after baby and this is a good gage for if we are doing too much! Our bleeding increases, as well as you may be feeling exhausted and feel like you just can't cope. So in order to prevent this sad state of affairs we have the baby moon were for as long as we are able we stay in bed with baby cuddling, sleeping, nursing, watching movies, reading books, eating and drinking (stay well hydrated) maybe not even visiting with guests. No housework! No cleaning! No food prep! But you can get up to go to the bathroom.

For a minimum of one to two weeks, longer if you have good support. Call in the troops, friends, family, postpartum doula ( well worth the expense) How often do we have a baby. If we take good care of ourselves at this time we will heal a lot faster and feel like our old selves a lot quicker. It will also help to establish a good milk supply.

If family or friends come ask them to bring food, have it be there entry fee. They must wait on you, under no circumstances are you to wait on them!!!!!

Even after this two week to four week period you must take good care of your self as you slowly start your new routine. Let the house go! Take naps when you can. You and the baby are still your main priority.

You and your husband can discuss this with your selves or your doula so plans can be made and everyone is prepared, including mentally, no surprises. A wonderful husband is invaluable at this time!!! Guaranteed to bring you both closer together. Of course younger children need to be looked after but this is daddies time to shine! Older kids can help out it can really bring a whole family closer together, team work.

By doing this you will be benefitting your family big time! At the end of this trimester you will have more energy back, be feeling good and have a positive more relaxed out look on life.

Remember a trimester lasts about 3 months add more time for a rough start such as C section. You not only owe it to your husband,baby and family but to you.


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