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What you can expect when I come through the door...

EXPERIENCE DONA trained Continually taking courses and workshops, expanding my ability to support my Mama's Studying birthing, babies and breastfeeding for over 30 years A wealth of life experience, I earned these grey hairs I gave birth to six of my own

DEPENDABILITY I have always been responsible and reliable I live in a multigenerational house with my Dad and two teenagers Plus I have four grown kids living on their own

FLEXIBILITY I can come when you need me and stay until you don't Adaptable to your needs

HUMOUR I love humour Helps those hormones (natural painkillers) kick in and make things easier Your body is meant to do this, I promise Why not have fun

HEART Gentle, caring, nurturing and peaceful Non judgmental I will be your guide and follow your direction Building connection between you and your partner with birthing techniques

STRENGTH I am steady like a rock Tenacious And have the endurance to stay with you for the duration I have you and your partners back❤️

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